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26 and 27 february 2016 Théâtre du petit matin Marseille  28 february 2016 Maison D’Amis Sainte Cécile Les Vignes (84)


28/11 Frigo in Albi (81)
27/11 in Toulouse  (31)
24 september 2015 Aix en Provence
20 march 2015 Le Point de Bascule Marseille
16 january 2015 La maison du Chant Marseille
6 décember 2014  Festival Les INOVENDABLES Marseille
 « De la musique avant toute chose et pour cela préfères l’impair » Paul Verlaine
« French language is reputed for being the language to express love. XVIth century poets write with invigorating  freedom, with impertinence and were admired by Verlaine who magnified them with overflowing vividness. the words tell« make love», the words tell the bodies, sweatness, sighs and also torment, hopes, pains with moving crudeness and amused casualness. Death is always nearby, love death, in french, just change a vowel with the conson et you jump from death to love.
With Pierre Ronsard, Louise Labé, Paul Verlaine, Charles Baudelaire, Raymond Queneau poems etc…,  David Rueff, and Nadine Esteve  compose  an abundant musical univers with odd rythms and haunting melodies.
Imitating the East danse song where sadness is always coloured with joy, and where enthusiasm is often nostalgic the 3 musicians of IMPAIRES (Brigitte Cirla, Nadine Esteve et Magali Rubio), use french as a language of happy nostalgia and sensual preciosity.
Original idea: B. Cirla
Composers: H. Chadwick, N. Esteve, D. Rueff
Production : Voix Polyphoniques


Brigitte Cirla : singing, mélodica, accordion
Nadine Esteve : alto, mélodica, caron, tiny percussions
Magali Rubio: bass clarinet , mélodica

Posted on 13 November 2014 in Non classé

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