En attendant la ligue (2016)


15/11 in Chaumont: le nouveau relax                                         20/11 in Joinville: l’auditoire                                                         26/11 in Saint Dizier: MJC                                                             27/11 in Bourbonne: IME                                                                 2/12 in Langres: Théâtre Municipal

Singing Goûter républicain celebrating 150 years of existence of 

la Ligue de l’Enseignement

Musical performance of Eléonore Bovon

Direction : Brigitte Cirla


In 2016, the League of the Education celebrates its 150 years of existence, and the League of the Education of Haute Marne its 70 years. To commemorate this double birthday, the composer and the choirmaster Eléonore Bovon proposes a friendly and festive musical creation, under the shape of a singing “Goûter Républicain”: « En attendant la Ligue ».

Opened to all the volunteers of the various associations working in the field of the Popular Education, this creation takes the shape of the preparation of a birthday party, a snack shared with the public at the end of the representation.

The songs are written and composed by Eléonore Bovon.  

The rehearsals are spread out between autumn, 2015 and the autumn, 2016, with twelve working weekends (a weekend a month), the final realization takes place in November, 2016.

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