POLYPHONIES CROISEES le 1er décembre à Marseille

POLYPHONIES CROISEES le 1er décembre à Marseille





1st décember, Marseille




Festival De vives Voix, Marseille in Saint Pierre and Saint Paul church

L’académie du Chant Populaire and Indéchiffrables choirs


L’académie du chant populaire

Created in 1994 by Alain Aubin, this vocal ensemble presents a repertoire of  struggling and fighting songs marking some historical moments (The Commune, Spain War etc). They also explore different mediterranean or south american cultures with arrangements from Alain Aubin. They were part of the performance Sainte Jeanne des abattoirs from Catherine Marnas, CarmenSeitas with Edmonde Franchi, Aoïdé! Oratorio opening Marseille Capitale Cuturelle 2013, and the opéra composed by Alain Aubin El Cachafaz. 



Choirs Indéchiffrables conducted by Brigitte Cirla :  

Les Mardisonnants, mixed choir mixte fond of  vocal aventures, they sang in marseille creeks or on corsican path,  they vociferated in public gardens or at the top of Sainte-Victoire hill, bewitched the Marseille Opera mermaids and strolled in the streets. They sing compositions from India, Bali, Mongolia, Géorgia and modern choir compositions


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La Belle équipe, female vocal group sing XXth contemporary creations for choirs : V. Miskinis, Paranjoti, E. Aguiar, Yongrub, E. Sperry, Miranda….They ordered compositions to Lionel Ginoux,  upon texts and poems from Florence Pazzotu, Andrée Chedid, Louise de Vilmorin et Kathleen Raine.

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