The stage: a kitchen, a table, two chairs, a refrigerator, some vegetables, a knife.

The plot : a couple cooks and is cooked, duet in love or domestic conflict?

The style: tragy-comedy with lyrical vocalises.

The visual story: is inspired by the Balthus’s paintings without seeking neither to illustrate them nor to reproduce them.
The objects are not used in their usual function: the vegetable peelings become the colors of a painter. The refrigerator, luminous body, is by turns an altar, a small castle, a partner or a fridge.

The thread of the story: daily relationship between a man and a woman, Man and Woman. Daily life, in a language we do not understand but which echoes deeply in ourselves and which simply reminds us the essence of human relationships.The thread is the song, the music, the languages kurdish, gypsy, hungarian, Yiddish, Neapolitan, Greek orthodoxe which sound with strangeness and familiarity.


Brigitte Cirla, Vincent Audat


Brigitte Cirla and Vincent Audat met in 1987 in a musical tragedy in Theatre du Lierre in Paris where they sang and played two performances together. In 1991 they created the vocal duet Nakasoné.

Both of them explore since many years the sinuous paths of musical theatre and they propose a personnal vision where the language of body and sound competes the meaning of the words
This is a door which opens upon their imaginary world.

Staging direction : Anne de Broca

Light design: Marc Chauvelin/Raphaël Verley

Sound: Dominique Clement

Production : Voix Polyphoniques