« A tue texte »

Poetic Brassband of voices, Readers concert  for public spaces
A project with 4 people, Edith Azam poet, Alex Grillo composer, Brigitte Cirla choir conductor/singer and Jean Marie Maddeddu, stage director/singer
A project mixing up text and music writings, choir conducting, movement and  theatre.
Text writing : Edith Azam. The project begins with  writing workshops for adults / chorists and children.  Texts and words collected in the workshops will be re-written, re-organized by the poet and then given to the ccomposer as a libretto.Composing : Alex Grillo. Spoken voice as a musical material.  With’Edith Azam texts, musical writing will create the sound architecture and performance dramaturgy.  Here,  musical composition put down the pilars and outlines of dramatic structure.A human scale participative project which transforms itself according to towns, territories, people  and spaces Choirs : under the conducting of Brigitte Cirla, adult groups  rehearse the musical material to deliver it  « In situ » with Jean Marie Maddeddu and staging. A textual brassband, participative project creation  gathering several choirs (adults and children) which declaim poetic texts poétiques in public spaces.


Edith Azam, poet, Brigitte Cirla, singer, choir conductor, Alex Grillo, composer, percussionist, Jean-marie Maddeddu, director, singer, percussionist
Choirs: Indéchiffrables + children from  Busserine school