El Verk

Amusicalproposition with songs and body language

for 3 house fronts, 50 windows, 70 chorists, 2 actors, 1 violonist and 2 atypical conductors.

SKAGERAK: a yard, ofiices, windows, a working place. The workers went out, another life begins.
Sound walls, walls of words resonating, secrets whispered by 70 people down to  200 pairs of ears.

The windows come to life slowly following a very precise score, electricity runs like a sound wave which creates appearance and disappearance of the singers. A violon on a roof improvises. 

The story talks of  an old  one-eyed viking , of a recalcitrant plug, of lightning and sparks.
The story talks of a crazy and brilliant scientist, a visionnary artist: an unforgetting experience..

Production: Grenland Friteater, Porsgrunn City, Skagerak Cie, Voix Polyphoniques
Artistic and musical direction: Nadine Esteve and Brigitte Cirla
Music: Nadine Esteve and traditionnal singing
Texts: V. Audat, Brigitte Cirla
Solistes: Michèle Véronique, violon; Vincent Audat:, chanteur/comédien: Guandaline Sagliocco, comédienne
Choristes:Anette Røde Hagnell, Nina Ossavy, Carl Henrik Ekblom, Robert Emil Berge, Grenland Opera Kor, Jada Koret, Porsgrunn Amatørteater, Mannskoret, Skagerak amateurs and the Indéchiffrables Vocal Band