« No one leaves home unless/home is the mouth of a shark…. » Warsam Shire


One choir, 4 solist singers, a close and original scenic system for 80 spectators



a surround sound song-theatre event inspired by interviews on the theme of home

«Home for me is not a place, it’s a feeling! »


HOME is an uplifting and moving song theatre event based on Dalston Songs, originally commissioned by the Royal Opera House (but it is not opera!) It involves four members of the group including Soraya Mahdaoui, a Berber singer, in collaboration with a local choir. A cycle of stunning harmony songs inspired by interviews with Helen’s neighbours in East London on the theme of home, it can be performed anywhere that different cultures co-exist. For some home means life in a new country, escape from a war zone or arrival from a destroyed homeland, for others the tales are more domestic, quirky or funny. It was first created at Chat’s Palace in Homerton East London. Recent and long term arrivals into the community contribute their stories to create additional songs which sit alongside the original material. The staging is immersive with a local community choir and soloists moving among and around the audience.


Music: Helen Chadwick,
Authors: Shire Warsan, Hannah Arendt, Mahmoud Darwich… + interviews
stage director : Brigitte Cirla
Solists: H. Chadwick, B. Cirla, T. Zolty, S. Mahdaoui

With the participation Indéchiffrables choirs: Les Mardisonnants (30 pers) and La Belle Equipe (9 pers)