On stage, 5 chairs, 5 different women and a common story.

5 voices, 5 lives and 5 opinions which invent a story with the music, a story without a beginning or an end. They dream the world, laugh at their misfortunes, share secrets and cook…

Sometimes accomplices, other times adversaries, the women, in between fear and irony, lead us with their voices into an imaginary sound and movement universe, filled with laughter, grotesque, possible and impossible situations.

5 women, 1 dancer, 2 singers, 2 actresses, 7 images, 7 bits of life, 5 chairs, 17 a capella songs, 85 scores, 2 diapasons and 1 secret; 1 month and a half of rehearsals, 30 services, 30 shared meals, 60 pauses, 300 bottles of mineral water and some kilos of dried fruit.


Brigitte Cirla  – soprano
Katy Deville – mezzo-soprano
Joëlle Driguez – mezzo-soprano
Isabelle Guien – contralto
Marielle Haurant – soprano

Staging/ Brigitte Cirla

Friend help/ Christian Carrignon

Light/ Raphaël Verley

Sound/ Dominique Clément

 Mise en scène

A capella voices show a unique feeling and purity; the strength and fragility of that which is alive. The thread of the story is given by the traditional Hungarian polyphonic songs re-composed by Béla Bartok, Zoltàn Kodàly and György Ligeti.

Music is for me a stronger and more evoking language than words. Reading these scores for the first time, I was fascinated by the shock produced by the meeting between the contemporary and traditional music, and by the distances: I wanted to explore the distance between sound and text, sound and movement, text and music, music and movement. 

I search the imaginary and visual space of a music piece starting from a score of movement dynamics and I work with movement as a sequence of notes with a timing, colouring, rhythm and accent. If I miss music, I miss theatre

Musics and texts

Béla Bartok

Ne hagyj itt ! Don’t leave me here

Jószágigézó – Call

Játék – children song

Leánynézó – Courting

Héjja, héjja Karahéjja – Marchandage

Van egy gyürüm, karika – I have a ring

Zoltán Kodály

Gólya-Nóta – Berceuse le chant des cigognes

Cigánysirató – lamentation tzigane

György Ligeti

Harom Hordo – Chanson à boire : 3 tonneaux

Pletykázó asszonyok – Les commères

Siralmas nékem – Lamentation

Egy fekete holló – Un corbeau noir

Vissza ne nézz – Ne regarde pas en arrière

Fujdogál a nyári szél – Le vent d’été souffle doucement

1 bulgarian traditionnal song 

Malka Stiroda – Chant de moisson

2 georgian traditionnal song 

Dzlier Stiroda – Chant de deuil

Shen Bicho Anagurelo – Fils d’Anaguri

Helen Chadwick

Hold on – Reste