L’ivresse de Charybde en Scylla

Divertissimo with buzzer (time length: 12′)

Directed by Brigitte Cirla et Vincent Audat

2 Avril 2003 sur le Parvis de l’Opéra de Marseille

Siren, with its shrill, sharp, high pitched sound brings back an entire town to times of threat, war, bombs… Its blast sent crowds down to shelters in the guts of the town. The muezzin, with his monotonous chant gives rythm to nights and days of the town, freezes time and dreams, and calls its inhabitants to meditation, to prayer. The mermaids, and their sublime songs of death, threw sailors down into the see between Charybdis and Scylla.


every first wednesday of the month – twelve o’clock precisely – Marseille Opéra square Which performance is more beautiful than listening to the hum of the town overtaking the siren’s blast which slowly fades away? We will share this pleasure of the ears with five composers of Marseille, the most noisy town of our country. Each of them is part of trends of nowadays musical invention and will propose us a 12 minutes « divertissimo » that you can only discover at noon, each first wednesday of the month . Let us meet at the Opera Square for this local and musical manifesto, for a new monthly ritual that you will also hear on radio.



Staging :Vincent Audat et Brigitte Cirla
Vincent Audat – Baryton
Brigitte Cirla – Soprano
Pascal Ferrari – Guitar
Christophe Filiol – Baryton
Vincent Robinot – Cor
Bruno Collier – Cor solo à l’Opéra de Marseille

Les Indéchiffrables, Tuesday choir :

Alvernhe Dominique, Attya Héléne, Bel Maïten, Bouchet Anne-Marie, Boulay Michel, Cefaï Patricia, Charbonnel Christophe, Camprasse Fred, Dosière Anne-Marie, Giboudeaux Edouard, Ginouves Véronique, Huret Béatrice, Laferrière Jean Julien, Lecour Odile, Lesevre Katrin, Mammini Mireille, Martin Isabelle, Maurin Brigitte, Mirolo Jean-Pierre, Poletti Anne-Marie, Prothon Bruno, Pugliesi Marie-Ange, Russo Barth, Sand Magali, Vegis Graziella

Cor classroom of Marseille CNR :

Andranik Khourdoian, Violette Laparra Desalgues, Clement Pescio