La marche à suivre

Music for places and yards, for big spaces and little corners

Production: Voix Polyphoniques     Co-production: Indéchiffrables

25 voices (Indéchiffrables Choir) , 25 cords, 4 solists (Ponticello Ensemble) , 2 conductors (N. Estève, B. Cirla)

« La Marche à Suivre » is  an acoustic concert for unexpected places and friendly ears.

50 musicians, conducted by 2 hybrids conductors invade places, stairs and balconies. Cords and voices meet themselves, dialog, melt in a succession of sonorous landscapes. A musical performance which pulls the audience up into a sound world of harmonious and strange vibrations.


Artistic and musical direction  : 

Brigitte CIRLA & Nadine ESTEVE

Solists :

Vincent AUDAT, voice- Michèle VERONIQUE, violin – Nadine AMRANI, double bass– Sophie REICHARD, cello- Patrick LOBRY,  « ZicoMobile » and percussions

performed by:

Ponticello, chord orchestra, 25 chords of Allegro Barbaro Cie and mardi choir Indéchiffrables, 25 voices.

Technical team:

Jean-Jacques Luchetti, général regissor

Association L’Espic



This is an exploration of the limits of sound and movement, a meeting between 2 groups, vocal and violin cords.

The audience is immerged in the middle of the choir and the orchestra.

Space, volumes and sound directions offer to music its third dimension, altering the relationship to the listener, far away from « representing on stage ». It is a game based on proximity, almost intimity.

The double musical conducting creates a succession of sound paintings and different sonorous spaces. A work using directions and movement: encircling, diagonals, lines, proximity…

Scenography :

Autonomous concept allowing to use all types of different reverbering places : hall outsinde or inside, station hall, rural or wine cooperatives, parking, town hall, marriage room, School hall, village place….