Le rôti de l’impératrice

Vocal concerto in several pictures

from Manuel Vasquez Montalban’s immoral recipes, with bulgarian polyphonic songs, french popular traditionnel songs and poems of Kati Molnar, Ghérasim Luca, Julien Blaine….and maxims of Epicure.

Le Roti de l’Impératrice (The Empress’s Roast)dis a vocal concert in several pictures. It is a poem; a long poem that is spoken and sang, declaimed and vocalised, whispered and pounded; a weaving of texts and songs around a celebration.. This performance uses the art of the mouth in all its aspects: eating, drinking, singing and talking; it entertains us around the universal convivial universe of a table.

There is always a room of preparation behind the banquet or the feast…

Three women prepare the mysterious food of a banquet. They accomplish the gestures of a ritual. There is a table, some wine and glasses, a kitchen knife. All rituals that celebrate a ritual of passage – be it from life to death, from youth to grown-up, from grown-up to old age, from solitude to being two or more – are sometimes accompanied by song and dance, but always by food and drink.

What is celebrated here? A mariage, a baptism, a sacrifice, a crime or a holdup?
Or perhaps does they prepare the  » roast of the impératrice  » for one of them? When was it when man was cannibal?


Répertoire : A Capella Songs for equal voices

Brigitte Cirla, soprano
Katy Deville & Catherine Delolme, mezzo-soprano
Marielle Haurant & Sabine Boukobza,soprano
Isabelle Guien, contralto

Staging direction – Brigitte Cirla
Musical direction – Rumen Tsonev
Light design – Raphaël Verley
Sound – Dominique Clément
Costumes – Nina Langhammer
Stage Design – Marie-Josée Ordener

Système Friche Théâtre, Marseille
Marseille City
PACA regional Council
Bouches-du-Rhône Department/ Conseil 
Régional PACA, Conseil général des Bouches-du-Rhône