Paroles d’industrie

A writing workshop took place 27 to 30 juin 2016:

A participatory project created from industrial words and sound collecting .

« Paroles d’industrie » is part of  the valuation of the language of an industrial territory, immaterial heritage revealed and shown through several events

1/ a participatory creation with the inhabitants,  a poetic and textual choir having for musical material the words stemming from writing workshops (Street art performance)

2/ the realization of electroacoustic plays and radio serials (broadcasted) on the waves and/or the internet)

3/ A video documentary and/or a book CD retracing the process of collecting 

4/ The broadcasting of the first 3 phases on the industrial territory ( Fos-Martigues) in 2017

with the cooperation of choirs Lavéra, Croix-Sainte, MJC, Conservatoire and UTM et  Lavéra school. 

Projet supported and granted by DRAC (fond d’encouragement aux pratiques amateurs)  Martigues Townhall, Lavéra MJC.