When the shop metal shutters fall down, a voice raises up.
A complaint answers. A song like a draught is uttered from mouth to mouth and escapes until the end of the street.
From porches and windows growls a hullabaloo of fingers and mouths slams.
The voices rub against each other, wheeze, murmure, whisper. A clamour raises up from  Préfecture to Bourse. An advertising wave  swells up to a general outcry. Here, a refined vocal trio  praises the promises of eternal happiness, and there, a serenade duet stretches its  tight waves from the beginning of the street to the end.

Change Saint-Ferréol street in poetic space…

In order to take up the challenge proposed by Lieux publics, Brigitte Cirla -Voix Polyphoniques invited two composers : Marianne Suner, composer for vocal ensembles, orchestra and operas, and Jean Tricot, who focuses his work on vocal street expression. Three personnalities for a crazy musical creation, all three made this risky gamble of forcing the audience to listen in such a noisy place as St Férréol street.

Direction and texts : Brigitte Cirla

Musical Composition: Jean Tricot et Marianne Suner

Costumes: Virginie Bréger avec l’ESAT Les Argonautes

Solists: Pierre Andrac,Vincent Audat  Caty Avram,Viviane Bourquin, Jean-Christophe Filiol, Delphine Fourment,Thierry Klein, Marie Prost, Marianne Suner, Jean Tricot

Choirs: La Fanfare à mains nues (Jean Tricot), Les Indéchiffrables (Brigitte Cirla), Les Notambules (Brigitte Fabre), Polyphonies Bourlingueuses (Marie Prost), Le Choeur des gens (Pierre Prouvèze), L’Atelier polyphonique du Var (Lionel Ponchaux), Med’hiatus (Servane Lombard), La Psalette (Jacques Rostain) et tous les choristes “électrons libres”.