From Jacques Rebotier
Stage direction: Brigitte Cirla
Musical Direction: Vincent Audat

Text as an excuse, a pre-text to make theatre.
A litany is music, breath, rhythm. The sound always proposes images, dreams, rememberings, and draws already a scenic space defined by the eternal fight between the power of sound and the fulgurance of the meaning.
I always build a performance from the sound, from the singing. Sounds, songs and music creates images, rhythm and space.
In this production, I was interested in developing sonorous worlds from vocal improvisations and to confront the text to a tempo, to dynamics and modulations like in a score.  
Brigitte Cirla

Spectacle created with the students of the university of the performing arts of Aix in Provence, produced by the theatre Antoine Vitez.
Performances on 6, 7, 8, 9 and 10 Mars 2001 at the theatre Antoine Vitez in Aix-en-Provence.

Karine Boucherie, Sabine Boukobza, Alexis Crusson, Lison David, Hélène Devaux, Petra Lebourgnot, Karine Leclerc, Lise Moulin, Jérémie Peluso, Julie Rey, Isabelle Ribault et Christelle Trarieux.