ZAT Figuerolles

La Balconnade

When you walk in Figuerolles streets, you look at the numerous balconies of the little houses.  des balcons ornant la plupart des immeubles. They will become durin the ZAT event, stages and settings.

All along the 200 meters of Tour Gayraud street, during 3 hours, 11 choirs from Montpellier will perform for the inahabitants and visitors.  

This Balconnade event is also a tribute choir singing of so many amators 


Participation of choirs of Montpellier :

Groupe Vocal Arlequin, Comme un lundi, Figuenotes, Groupe vocal Les Jeepies, Chœur occitan Nadalenca, O Lala, Récreason, Cor Canto, Voy’elles, Entrevoix, Les Voixzines

Supported by « la Maison des chœurs »

Artistic coordination : Brigitte Cirla

And thanks to the hospitality and enthusiasm of the inhabitants of  la Tour Gayraud Street. 

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