“TOUT MOREAU” (2016)



24 Novembre à Rouge, à 20h30

Festival De vives voix, Marseille 

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We performed :

10 june 2016 in Festival Transit, Holstebro, Danemark

15 § 16 Avril 2016  20h30 (creation)  Lilas en scène, Les Lilas 93

“Jeanne Moreau’s songs rocked my childhood, my mother hummed them ceaselessly.” B. Cirla

Taking back its most famous songs, like the Whirlwind immortalized by Jules and Jim, but also its interpretations less known from the poet Norge, in original arrangements in contemporary colors, the show Tout Moreau unwinds the route and the words of a free woman, asserted in her artistic choices as in her personal commitments.

Supported by the cello of Marie Tournemouly, Eléonore Bovon and Brigitte Cirla sing the fleeting character of time, the unchanging succession of the seasons, the intensity of the present moment, and a Epicurean vision of intense and absolute love, freed of any hypocrisy and any convention: just like Jeanne Moreau…


Posted on 8 October 2016 in Non classé

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